Condo Rentals in OC MD

OCMD Condo Rentals – Worth The Price?

There are many times when you and your family need a little more than a hotel room to share.  Packing up a family of four or five, and sleeping in such tight quarters can be a little tough on some families.  The lack of privacy in a hotel room is often the reason people will choose to stay in a Condo or rent a home in their top vacation destination.  Who wants to be laying on the bed while each member of the family uses the bathroom each morning?  Yeah, we can stop the discussion there, and move on to some more pleasant reasons you may want to consider OCMD Condo rentals compared to a hotel.

Here are a list of 5 reasons, other than the big one mentioned above, that people prefer to rent a condo in Ocean City Maryland compared to a hotel.

1)   You Need More Space

Tight quarters such when you are at the beach, and coming back to a cramped hotel room may not be the ideal family vacation for you and yours.   In a condo, you will often times have multiple bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.  When you return from the beach, or maybe after returning from a big dinner at Phillips Seafood Restaurant, you may want some time to yourself.  Having a 1,000 square foot condo in OC is going to give you many more options compared to a 280 square foot hotel room.  The advantage of extra space should not be overlooked.

2)     Vacations Are To Relax

Maybe you only get one week or two a year to really lay back and enjoy yourself.  You want to do things on vacation that you normally cannot do the other 51 weeks of the year.  Maybe your ideal day is to sleep until 10am, read the paper while drinking a nice cup of coffee, and then making your way to the beach at noon.  After laying in the sun and swimming with the dolphins, you decide you want to come back to your vacation rental and take a little nap.  Good luck doing all of this if you are sharing a hotel with a 8 year old and 11 year old.  They get bored at the beach at times, one gets up really early and the other one sleeps all day.   With separate rooms, everyone can dictate their own schedule, and retreat to some peace and quite if they would like in the comfort of their own room.  You can’t get away with that luxury in a hotel room.

3)     He Keeps touching me…….

This is not referring to the husband chasing the wife around the hotel room, instead, we come back to the ADD generation children who need to be doing something every hour of the day.  If you have two kids, and you are staying at the beach in OC for a week, at some point, they are going to get into an argument.  In a hotel room, you can expect that they are going to be on top of each other all week long, eating breakfast, getting changed, etc.  A cramped hotel is definitely an excuse for kids to get under each others skin, and for this reason, we think at times, a nice little condo rental may be best.

4)     The Price Is Right

You already have seen how great the prices can be on hotels in Ocean City on this website, but you may not have known that the prices on Condo Rentals in OC are pretty darn good as well.  Instead of staying on the beach side for a couple grand, you will be able to find a nice little 3 bedroom, 2 batch condo for rent for about the same price.  If you search online for beach house rentals or condos for rent by owner, you may be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

5)     You Still Get the Beach!

It doesn’t matter where you stay in Ocean City, you still get to enjoy the gorgeous beaches in America’s Best Family vacation destination.  This website is all about hotel rentals in Ocean City Maryland, but we also want you to know we can help you find some amazingly good condo rentals in OC as well.  Just click on the button to the right and search.  You will find a variety of hotels and condos to choose from, all at great prices.   Whatever you do, just make sure you book that vacation to Ocean City before the summer is over.  You won’t regret where you are staying once you see the smile on your kids faces.

We don’t care what people say about Disney World – We believe OC MD is the great place on earth!