Finding Motels In Ocean City MD

If you are looking for something inexpensive for your trip to Ocean City this Memorial Day weekend, you may want to look for some last minute deals on Motels in Ocean City MD.  Like everything else in this gorgeous beach town, there are plenty of Motels for you to choose from all the way up and down Coastal Highway.   Whether you want to stay closer to the boardwalk in a motel such as the Oceanic, Dunes, or Spinnaker Motel in OC, or closer to the Northern end of town in the FenWick Islander Motel, or the Sea Hawk Motel, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

The biggest difference we see between a Zagat Hotel and a simple motel in Ocean City Maryland comes down to the price.  You will find motels to be much cheaper, and won’t have the same type of amenities compared to a place like the Princess Royale Oceanfront hotel and Conference Center.  You won’t have a pool, an elevator, breakfast in the morning, shops, or ice staking like you would at the Carousel.  However, you also won’t be paying several hundreds of dollars a night.  Most of the Ocean City motels will also allow you to rent for shorter periods of time like a day or two.  A hotel, especially at peak season such as July, will generally require a 4 night minimum.   This is a general guideline however, and you can browse hundreds of hotels here.

If you are heading to OC MD this weekend, be careful, and be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make it over the Bay Bridge.  Memorial Day is always a popular weekend at the beach, and with the harsh winter we have had this past year, along with the fact you can now fill your car up with gas around $2.69 (compared to last year of $3,75), we expect the motels in Ocean City to fill up rather quickly.  Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to leave only your footprints in the sands of Ocean City!


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